Videos- Yoga classes

Please scroll down for guided meditations.


Simple morning yoga class

This is a short 15 minute yoga class suitable for all levels. Throughout this class we stay on the floor. We begin at the top of our mat in an easy seated posture. We flow through the following poses: Cat, cow, spinal balance, kneeling plank, childs, locust and sphinx pose.


SImple Morning flow 

This is a short 10 minute yoga class suitable for all levels. We remain standing throughout the entire practice. We begin at the top of our mat in mountain pose. Our class moves through the following: Mountain pose, chair pose, twisting chair, forward fold, monkey pose, moonflowers, sunflowers & side bends. 


Intermediate yoga flow. Hip/pelvis awareness and strength

This 20min intermediate yoga flow focuses on building hip mobility and strength. Taking participants through a full range of motion to help stretch out and create stability within the hips. In this flow we start standing in Mountain pose and spending a small amount of time on floor. Poses include: Mountain, chair, kneeling crescent lunge, monkey/ half way lift, downward dog, warrior 2, reverse warrior, balancing half moon, squat/ buhda stretch standing pigeon and tree pose. 


Gentle yoga class

Short and sweet online yoga class.


Beginner yoga class

This 20 minute yoga class begins supine on our mat. Across this class we move through the following poses: Cat, cow, downward dog, sunbird, half series flow, childs, plank, cobra and side supports.


Lounge Room Yoga class

This is a 20 minute relaxing yoga class. This class is suitable for beginners.


the humble beginnings. Beginner yoga class.

A gentle yoga class for complete beginners. Here at Freedom of Movement we pride ourselves on providing an accessible & modern version of yoga. Our yoga provides the perfect antidote to sedentary and stressful modern lifestyles and a relaxing compliment to more stressful physical activities. We believe everyone should do (or at least try) yoga.



VIdeos- Guided meditations


10 minute guided meditation- finding comfort in stillness


Guided meditation- 3 part breath

A short 5 minute guided meditation to help you bring awareness to the breath, slow down the mind and body.


Guided meditation- Breath in motion

Short and simple meditation for anyone in need of an escape from the busy day to day. Just 5 minutes to relax, unwind and to draw our attention inwards.


Guided meditation- progressive relaxation


Guided meditation- breathing mindfully