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August 3, 2018

-We have uploaded the final 2 videos in Ryan's introductory series. In these 2 videos he cover additional upper and lower body movements. This can be found under 'online resource' > 'Ryan'. 

-We have added in a short blog post summarising some interesting facts on sleep. This can be found under 'online resources' > 'blog'

-As of August, Fauntine will be teaching a new class at the A Life in North Carlton- Strength + Stretch, Monday 12:15-1pm. She is excited to combine her PT and yoga knowledge into one bite sized lunch time class! 


about us

Freedom of Movement was established in 2013 by Fauntine Lariba. She had a vision to create a yoga class where people could heal their mind & body in an all inclusive environment under well informed instruction. We aimed to provide people an allocated time in their busy schedules to reflect & look after themselves.


In 2018 we are embarking on a slightly different adventure. Fauntine is working as an Osteopath & yoga instructor at The A Life and as a personal trainer at Ashley Faithfull Training Studios . Ryan is currently working as a personal trainer in South Yarra and continues to be an integral part of the Melbourne High School strength and conditiong program. 

This website and social media platforms will continue to exist providing you with a growing selection of online resources. 



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You can find Fauntine here at the A life in North Carlton, Melbourne.

And here at AShley Faithfull Training Studios in the Melbourne CBD.