To purchase items online please visit our online store.

We strive to provide you with quality products at reasonable prices. 

After all, looking after your body shouldn't cost an arm and a leg!

All items can be purchased in class by cash or card. 

  • Casual class- $15

    First class is only $10. Simply like us on Facebook!
  • 10x Class pass- $120

    ($12 per class).
    Valid for 6 months
  • Unlimited 1 month -$60

    Attend all Freedom of Movement classes for 1 month! Valid from your first class
  • Toeless yoga socks- $7.95

  • Eco Friendly (TPE) Yoga mat- $29.95

  • Cork yoga block- $22.95

  • 100% cotton yoga strap- $7.95

  • Orange massage (LaCrosse) balls- 1x $14.95; 3x $20.95

  • Foam roller- $24.95