Personal Training

Freedom of Movement also provides a personal training service. We use a combination of bodyweight and free weights resistance training, stretching and cardiovascular training to help get you to your goals.  

We specialise in:

-Weighted strength training (Barbells, dumbells & kettlebells).

-Body weight strength training (gymnastics strength & TRX suspension training).

-Hybrid strength and cardiovascular training (bootcamp & circuit).

-Flexibility & movement quality (Stretching drills, yoga & corrective exercises). 

What makes us unique:

  • Extensive knowledge of fitness and healthcare. For details on our credentials and experience please visit the 'about us' page. 
  • A friendly community atmosphere. We pride ourselves on cultivating a non-competitive and non-exclusive environment, we want you to feel comfortable in our community fitness facility.
  • We advocate safe movement through a full range of motion. We build from the basic foundational human movements (push, pull, lunge, hinge, squat & carry). Moving well is our #1 priority but don't worry, you will get a decent workout too!
  • A functional gym. We do not have machines in our gym, instead we have lots of other fun and functional equipment including kettlebells, TRX, standard olympic barbells, bumper plates, dumbells, sleds, tyres, battle ropes, paraletts, boxing gear and more.  Our high tech training arsenal also includes an oval, full of grass, upon which to run around.
  • We play the long game to make a sustainable change. Sure we can help you get in shape for an occasion, but we want to teach you skills that will last a life time. We focus on creating and fostering good habits and education so that the changes we make stay with you well after training with us. 

Benefits of Personal training:

  • Build muscle and lose fat
  • Prioritise your health & wellbeing
  • Practice safe movement patterns under guidance, reducing injury risk and promoting joint health
  • Improve your posture
  • Get motivated and stay motivated
  • Accountability for your nutrition
  • Tailored exercise programs to meet your health & fitness goals
  • Laughter and terrible jokes
  • 1 on 1 stretching