About us

Freedom of Movement was established in 2013 by Fauntine Lariba. She had a vision to create a class where people could heal their mind & body in an all inclusive environment under well informed instruction. We aim to provide people an allocated time in their busy schedules to reflect & look after themselves.

Formal qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Monash University)
  • Bachelor of Science, Clinical Science (Victoria University)
  • Masters of Osteopathic Medicine (Victoria University)
  • Yoga instructor (YogaFit Level 1-3, Yoga anatomy level 1 & 2, Pranayama, Mindfulness & Meditation, Restorative Therapeutics, Older Adult, Prenatal)
  • Personal Trainer (Certificate III & IV in Fitness)
  • Group fitness instructor 
  • Kettle Bell instructor 
  • Powerlifting coach
  • Dan John certified strength coach (Art of Coaching)


Alignment and posture.

As a student of Osteopathic Medicine and personal trainer, Fauntine became more aware of correct alignment and the many people who present with musculoskeltal problems due to simple postural misalignments. Fauntine has been inspired to do something about this problem before it required clinical intervention.  

Health scares and the importance of relaxation.

Another motivating factor for starting Freedom of Movement was modern society's need to relax.

Having been trained as a nurse, Fauntine was aware of the cost of stressful modern lifestyles on our over-burdened healthcare system. 

From a personal perspective Fauntine found herself confronted with multiple family members undergoing open heart surgery in the space of 1 year. Unfortunately decreasing stress and awareness of the negative impacts of stress only became a priority post operation. Fauntine knew that her family's experience was representative of the broader population. This inspired her to help people to do something about these avoidable problems before lives were put at risk.


Combining her background in Taekwon-do, hockey, Hip-Hop & Break dance, along with her clinical experience in Osteopathy and her work as a Personal Trainer, Fauntine has a wide variety of influences upon her teaching.  

Ryan Keaney

Formal Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne)
  • Juris Doctor (University of Melbourne)
  • Yoga instructor (YogaFit Level 1-3, Yoga anatomy, Pranayama, Mindfulness & Meditation and Restorative Therapeutics)
  • Personal Trainer cert III and IV
  • Group fitness instructor Children’s trainer
  • Weightlifting Coach
  • Boxing Instructor
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • TRX coach

Ryan has a broad and extensive experience in physical culture, including a background in dance, circus arts and martial arts. He has competed at a national level in weightlifting and rowing and participated at a recreational level in athletics, distance running and rugby. Ryan’s passionate appreciation for physical activity flows from his own health struggles in his early life, he has accumulated lots of helpful knowledge to share thanks to years spent learning and training to overcome severe illness and to become an athlete.

Mission statement 

-To bring awareness to our body positions & alignment. 

-To empower the individual with the means to create a positive change, both mental & physical.

-To reflect and prioritise our overall wellbeing.

-To take the time for relaxation.

-To live mindfully in the present. 


"Because we have not taken the time to 'catch up' with ourselves, we are living on the leftovers of where we have been or the preparations of where we are going"-Deborah Adele