We are a community yoga school located in the heart of South Yarra. We strive to provide an accessible and modern version of yoga, creating the perfect antidote to sedentary and stressful modern lifestyles and a relaxing complement to more stressful physical activities. All levels are welcome, especially those who are new to yoga.

Our facilities are modest, as we hope to maximise accessibility and minimise the cost of participation. Our focus is on the practice rather than on the setting. We strive to create a friendly and inclusive community. 

We also operate an online store with a number of select yoga and stretching products.

We work in collaboration with Fairbairn Boxing and Fitness and Unseat Your Body to offer a variety of group fitness classes. Our community fitness facility (The Unicorn Club) offers boxing, circuit & yoga classes. Please click 'The Unicorn Club' to learn more.

FIRST CLASS SPECIAL: Like us on Facebook and your first class is only $10!  


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